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Auction Info

Vehicles subject to prior sale, announcements made day of auction take precedence over any printed material.

All Vehicles for sale at the Auction must have a TITLE. If the Title is not in your name please provide proof of ownership with a Bill of Sale from previous owner/owners and bring a Bill of Sale to the Auction. If the Title is with a Bank or Finance Co, we must have the information at the time you Consign the vehicle. Lost Title applications will not be accepted. Please locate your VIN numbers and be ready for a VIN check when you arrive at the Auction. We must be able to locate your VIN# .. If we cannot locate the VIN # we will not run the vehicle!! One of our Staff will assist you with this check. Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles rules apply.

All Vehicles must have Insurance coverage. Please bring your Insurance card with you to verify coverage.

All Vehicles will pay a Consignment Fee. The fee will be established at the time you consign. The fee is determined by lot number placement. The fees are listed on our web site or call for info.

Our Commission is based on the selling price, with a minimum commission of $300.00. This includes sales of $3500 and under. All other sales will be charged 8% for public and 6% for dealers. Fixed commissions can be established prior to our registration.

Include pictures with consignment form when registering or email pictures to [email protected]
Bring vehicles “front line” ready. Detailing a vehicle will help you get top dollar. There will be a wash station available. Please do not use soap, DEQ regulations apply, and please bring your own towels.

  • Make sure your vehicle will start. Do the mechanical repairs before you bring the vehicle in.
  • Be reasonable when filling out the minimum Bid Reserve price. Overpricing usually means “no sale”.
  • Cars not sold on the Block will be parked inside and our Staff will continue to work with interested buyers.

Arrive by 8 am to check out the cars. Use guide books and your own experience to decide what you want to pay.

Establish your buying power at the Auction by bringing with you a letter from your Bank stating you have an open account in good standing and they will honor your check. Please see the example of the letter we expect you to bring.

Remember there is a 6% Buy Fee on all vehicles.

Our hours for this Event are as follows:
Consigned cars for Salem Auction will be on Thursday 12pm to 6pm and Friday 9am to 6pm
Consigned cars for Roseburg Auction will be on Friday 9am to 6pm
The Auction will open Saturday @ 8:00 am for Viewing
@ 9:30 am Toys & Memorabilia are Auctioned @ 10:00 am Vehicles run

Open @ 8:00 am on Saturday for Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Drinks

Adults $5.00
Children under 15 Free

We accept Cash and Cashiers Checks. Company Checks and Personal Checks will be accepted with picture ID and a letter from your Bank. Please see the example . Remember the 6% Buy Fee when calculating your expense.

All checks will be sent to Sellers 10 business days after the Auction.

All Titles will be mailed by Certified Mail to the Buyers 10 business days after the Auction.