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Just a few words about our advertising campaign …

In an effort to reach each and every one of you with the latest information about the upcoming Auctions that we are producing, we do a huge ad campaign. We start with a post card mailed to 2,500 people that participate on a regular basis. The post card is mailed 6-8 weeks prior to an Auction.

We advertise in several magazines and newspapers serving the Northwest region. Below is a list of the various outlets that we place ads with. Please let us know if you see our ads! Also, notify us if we are not reaching you thru any of the resources currently available.

You can find our ads in the following Magazines:

We also run ads in the following Newspapers:

As well as these handy “free” publications:

  • Nickel Ads
  • Tell & Sell

We place our ads and info on a number of car related web sites:

We recently added TV and Radio to our campaign. You can see our commercials on KPTV Fox 12 or KEZI TV…hear about the Auctions on KKNX 840 AMKKNX 105.5 FM, and KBZY 1490 AM and we are trying out radio in the Portland area on KEX 1190 AMThe Eagle 106.7 FMFAN 1080 AM and SPORTS 910 AM. Let us know if you see or hear the spots.

Also available, for those who haven’t received one yet, are email alerts for each and every show. We will email the flyer for the upcoming event to you. The flyer will be in a print friendly format. Curt has also been known to send out a bit of news and info thru emails now and then. Please submit your email address if you would like to be on the list of “those in the know”.

We attend a large number of Car Events, indoor Car Shows, Cruise-Ins, and Show-n-Shines, throughout the year to distribute hundreds of flyers. Leave your window down and you shall receive.

But with all advertising, we are not sure where to reach YOU. If we haven’t hit your spot yet, let us know. We’ll see what creative solution we can come up with. Actually….that was more than a few words, but it takes a lot of words, and a lot of time to get the word out there So, if you read all of this, we say “THANK YOU!” and we look forward to seeing You at the Auction!