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In 1998, Susan and Curt Davis purchased Petersen Auction from Dick Schuh. Since that purchase, we have responded to our client-based requests for a simpler process of operation for both buyer and seller. It is our hope of creating a family-friendly environment where both the ladies as well as the men may come together to enjoy a friendly, fun-filled, festive environment to view current special interest vehicles available for purchase.

Today, offering a more select Special Interest Vehicle inventory is establishing Petersen Auction as Oregon’s #1 Collector Car or Special Interest Vehicle Auction. It is our hope to grow in the Northwest by providing comfortable places to buy or sell auto related memorabilia and see a great selection of some of the Northwest’s finest and driveable Special Interest Vehicles being offered at Auction.

It is our belief that ‘Auctions’ can provide the public with an accurate picture of the current market values for Collectible Vehicles. As there is no ‘Blue Book’ on old cars, ‘just a check book-and what are you willing to spend?’ (over heard at a very successful N.W. dealers business)

As always, it is in our business plan to diligently seek out input from you, our clients, as to what makes our business ‘tick’ for you. Your responses to our request for input are greatly appreciated and openly accepted. As it is truly the Davis family goal to provide the warmest, cleanest, safest environment for buying or selling such a valuable family toy. Please contact Susan, Curt, or any of the Davis family with your valued input.

When attending any of our Auctions, do not hesitate to ask questions of or share your feelings with any of Petersen Auctions friendly and helpful staff. Every Petersen Auction is really a product of effort from our entire ‘family staff.’ Watch for us at Northwest Cruise-In’s and car-related events, as we too are ‘car crazy’ as well.

Another key ingredient to our future development is to provide the Northwest with 5 very successful ‘personalized’ auctions around Oregon and Washington. Contact Susan or Curt if you believe your hometown should have an auction.

To be added to our growing mail list of already satisfied buyers and sellers, please contact us by e-mail, snail mail (gov’t provided) or phone.

In order for it to be good for us it HAS to be good for YOU.

Susan and Curt Davis

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