1968 Mazda Cosmo L10-A Coupe

#322 of only 343 series 1 Mazda Cosmos that were produced between May 1967 & July 1963. The Mazda Cosmos were built by Hand at a rate of 1 per day! This is the first rotary engine & carried the Wankel name. It was show cased as a forward-thinking futuristic car. It has a 4 speed manual Transmission. It is a 2 seater, 2 door, right drive car only sold in Japan. Ours was inported from Japan in 2016. Original white paint, that we believe was repainted the original white, but no paperwork to support that. Houndstooth Interior. Very few Mazda Cosmos in the US, a few we know of are Series 2. We've heard rumors of 1 other Series 1 in the USA. 21,000 km! This is true & accurate to the best of our knowledge. Registered & Insured in Oregon.Starter replaced in Japan by Wankel mechanic.

Lot #51

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