1964 Studebaker Cruiser
This car is a 1964 Studebaker Cruiser Sedan equipped with the larger displacement 289ci Studebaker V8 and automatic trans. The car is a survivor with no rust other than minor surface rust visible in the trunk and a tiny bubble on the front fender. The sedan was resprayed once in it's life and the paint holds up quite well. I have done extensive work to the engine maintaining all the stock componentry. The brakes have been rebuilt and the system flushed. The interior is original and in extremely nice condition with zero tears or rips. The door panels are in excellent shape. The carpet is as new. There is one small crack on the dash but a good interior man can repair this easily. All the gauges work correctly including the speedometer, temp, oil pressure, ampmeter, fuel gauge and coolant. I have had the clock running and it has kept time but a restoration specialist informed me that it may need a good cleaning and light lubrication to remain running/keeping time. The car comeswith a complete factory service manual. The following has been done in the last year to the car: Heads rebuilt repair and replace with new gasket set. (Included replacement of 8 bent push rods and 2 exhaust valves and cylinder head gasket) New fuel pump and gas lines. New Battery Welded oil dipstick (broken). New rear brake wheel cylinders and brake lines both hard and soft lines. Flushed brake lines and replaced with new brake fluid. New coolant 3 gallons. New spark plugs and plug wires.Transmission: removal and reseal (front, rear main seals and pan gasket) New filter and fresh transmission fluid. Gas tank removal and boil out. New gas lines and fuel filter. Rebuilt carburetor with new brass float.. The car runs extremely well with good oil pressure and the coolant gauge running at about 1/3 on the  hottest of days. The transmission shifts excellent. The rear end is quiet as a mouse. The brakes stop this big car extremely well and are power assist. All the glass is in good shape and the windows crank up and down smoothly. There are absolutely no leaks of any fluids. The AM radio works well too. Though not the most popular car Studebaker made, the Cruiser was really well designed and had good power for it's day. The chrome and aluminum trim are in very good shape and all of it is on the car. Someone put two sideview mirrors on the front fenders when it came standard with just one on the door (you can locate the original position of the one sideview mirror by the holes in the left front door). I like the change and it kind of makes it a bit sportier. I think this Studebaker makes a nice statement without being kitsch. It was the last of the really fine cars that came from a really fine car maker. Surprisingly parts are still quite available and it is very easy to work on. A good entry into the world of  maintain. Best of all its called Cruiser!